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Browse Libryo’s collection of helpful legaltech guides, webinars and compliance checklists, designed to keep your business on track. Our free downloadable resources have been created for legal and compliance professionals, as well as business leaders.

Legaltech Guides, White Papers & Ebooks


12-step guide to understanding legal registers

Learn how legal technology is radically improving the accuracy and efficiency of legal registers


White Paper: EHS legal registers for UK operations

How to know when an environmental, health & safety (EHS) legal register is needed for operations in the UK.


ISO 9001:2015 eBook

Read why it’s critical for top management to drop manual approaches and follow ISO standards


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Introduction to Libryo Assess

Watch how the Libryo Assess module helps you determine your risk and compliance status, and self-assess against your legal requirements.

Part 1 (1)

Managing Your Compliance (Part 2)

See how the Libryo Assess module can help you and your team manage your company's compliance with confidence.

Part 1

Managing Your Compliance (Part 1)

Discover how the Libryo Platform can help you know, manage and assure your compliance within an organisation.


Risk Assessments - From Annoyance to Aid

Learn how Libryo can take the pain out of risk assessments and create better processes for the whole team.

Remote Audits

Introducing Remote Audits

Learn about the what, why and how of remote auditing. See how the remote audit process works and the keys to success.

Webinar 1

The climate emergency: Equipping you with key data and macro insights

Dive deeper into the trends, data, emerging policy and regulatory shifts impacting the global energy economy.

Burning book

The Ruthless Elimination of Inefficiency

How a global platform of micro-jobbers, customisable workflows, gold standard legal data, and a worldwide marketplace is transforming how legal services are being offered.

7 Steps to Perfecting Your Compliance Management

7 steps to perfecting your compliance management

Explore how to keep track of only the regulations that matter to your business, and how to ensure individual sites remain compliant.

Audit preparation

How to prepare for an audit

Find out how to prepare your operational site for an audit and learn how Libryo could make this process much more efficient.

Legal Compliance Checklists

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COVID-19 Legal Compliance Checklist

COVID-19 related questions to help you stay safe, compliant and well-equipped for audits.


Legal Compliance Checklist for Businesses

A set of high-level questions, created to align with ISO standards


EHS Legal Requirements Checklist

Gain a clearer picture of your overall Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) compliance status


ISO 9001-2015 Legal Requirements Checklist

A checklist to keep senior management on top of ISO 9001:2015 legal requirements


Cost of compliance infographic – Libryo

Weighing up compliance vs. non-compliance

Learn why it's better to budget for compliance than non-compliance.

Now you know infographic – Libryo

Libryo - Now You Know

See what's impacting legal compliance today and some key Libryo stats .

Know your ISO standards with our quick guides:

Certain ISO standards require implementation of a system to identify and update applicable legal requirements. With Libryo's custom legal registers, this box is checked.

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