Libryo Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate how the legaltech provided by Libryo has helped organisations worldwide to better manage their legal obligations and compliance. See how Libryo's unified solution has helped businesses across different industries and jurisdictions. And, read how this innovative platform has enabled global legal teams to operate more efficiently and responsibly.

Assmang Logo

Mining Company

Assmang needed an updated online register for 3 separate sites across South Africa. Now they are kept up to date whenever their relevant law changes, giving Head Office overall compliance visibility.


Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Unilever wanted a single solution for each of their South Africa sites to work from. They needed to move away from inefficient legal research and manual processes to a smarter way of working.


Independent Power Producer

Scatec needed a compliance solution and professional services to track and manage its compliance status in order to maintain ISO 45001 and ISO 14001  across multiple jurisdictions.

Massmart logo


The consumer goods retailer struggled to know what legal obligations applied to them and their 396 stores, and whether they were on track from a
regulatory perspective.

Apparel Supply Chains Icon

Fashion Retail Giant

The global apparel business wanted their 200+ suppliers worldwide to understand their regulatory obligations and create action plans for compliance to ensure the brand was being responsible, transparent and compliant.


Diversified Chemicals Group

Omnia Group needed a solution to know, track and manage the local, provincial and national laws across 44 sites. The business wanted a robust legal register solution that would ensure compliance.

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