Thousands of EHS regulations.
Do you know yours?

ERM Libryo helps you know your legal requirements, understand what to do next and show your compliance.


Save Time

The automation of legal register compilation and updating saves everyone time.


Increase Productivity

People are able to focus on the high value-add work.


Always reliable

Accurate and up-to-date compliance data for each operation across the organization.

EHS Regulatory Intelligence Solution

ERM Libryo Dashboard

Libryo will filter and track the law at a specific location, so global teams are always aware of their applicable legal requirements. This platform is perfect for:

  • Compliance, risk or legal professionals
  • EHS managers
  • General counsel
  • Sustainability managers

With Libryo's regulatory compliance management software, you’ll always know your relevant law, and understand what to do next. This enables you to make decisions faster and focus your time on other business priorities.

Reorganising the world's regulation

Have compliance confidence with ERM Libryo

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"I find your program useful, easy to use and your team has always been receptive to explaining when it was not clear to me, for example during audits."

Roberta Ceriani, SNA Safety Coordinator, Unilever

"Very easy to use. Especially like the "highlights" section, so you can decide whether you need to delve deeper into the regulatory change. Also like that it breaks up legislative changes into categories like Environmental, OHS, etc."

Carlton Johannes, ROC Engineer, Globeleq

"It's easy to search for information, user friendly. Turn around times are exceptionally quick in when seeking for help or advise using the chat that's available. Consistently updated with all important legal information pertaining to your business."

Kevin Munthree, DC &Safety Manager, Avery Dennison

"This is the best Legal Register I have worked with. I love the live chat option and that there are always someone that can assist in real time when you have a problem. I also like the legal guidance if there are questions raised that I am unsure off. They always come back with an answer for me to explain the issue."

Petrus Leach, Plant Manager, Averda
ERM Libryo works across a range of sectors worldwide to support organisations facing sustainability and compliance challenges
North, east, south & west

Our regulatory database is constantly growing. Every day new EHS law is added to the platform - expanding our regulatory coverage across new jurisdictions and countries. Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen! 


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