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Imagine a future a long time from now, and life is good for everyone. At Libryo, we think this journey starts with knowing the regulations that promote sustainability. This is how Libryo began and what we are about today.

Technology at the
heart of the solution

For too long, businesses have allocated significant
resources to navigate the complexity that comes with
legal compliance research, or settled for inaccurate
solutions. It’s a function that need not be expensive
or time-consuming and can easily be outsourced to
technology. With a smart platform taking care of the legal
legwork, compliance professionals are freed up to focus on
implementing important change that drives sustainability.

Libryo founder and CEO Peter Flynn

We’re a team of front-runners on a mission to make
it easier for companies to know the law, and keep it.

Meet the founders

Garth Watson - Libryo

Garth believes legaltech is the best way for compliance teams to cut through needless complexity. He champions Libryo’s legal innovation.


Pete Flynn – Libryo

Peter is a systems specialist and an advocate for software as a service. He’s a leading SaaS entrepreneur and drives Libryo’s technology innovation.


Malcolm Gray - Libryo

Malcolm has impressive experience across client management, finance and law. He's passionate about tech and delighting Libryo’s customers.


Libryorians work remotely from cities worldwide such as Cape Town, Toronto, London, Nairobi and Berlin. We're a growing, global team.



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