Libryo Professional Services

Libryo Professional Services will support your risk, legal and compliance departments with their legal requirements, compliance training and management, as well as site audits.

Alongside our in-house experts, we have a growing network of partners, lawyers and consultants that help us deliver the best services possible.

Site-specific audits

Libryo's audits provide the assurance that you are compliant with your applicable EHS legislation and we'll identify any gaps for resolving. Choose from:

  • Traditional on-site audits
  • Remote audits
  • Area-specific audits

This service can also include permit reviews.  

Site-specific compilation
of Libryo Streams

Every customer receives a customized legal register entailing standards and legal requirements applicable to an individual operation. These are called Libryo Streams and tracked for ongoing changes. We offer context-based compilation support during the Libryo Stream setup phase. Context-based compilation considers:

  • Location of the organization
  • Jurisdiciton
  • Business activities

Platform training
and support

Working with local and global users, our platform training ensures that your teams fully understand the following:

  • What the regulatory obligations are at a site level
  • How each of the modules work
  • Ways to collaborate effectively through the platform
  • How to maintain overall compliance and self-assess
  • How to evidence your compliance 

Compliance training courses

Online compliance training courses can be given to an organization, department or set of users. The training is interactive and contributes to CPD points. Courses include:

  • Risk assessment training
  • IMS training (combined training for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001)
  • Legal awareness training: 
    • for Occupational, Health & Safety
    • for Environmental, Health & Safety


If you already complete self-assessments using the Libryo Assess Module, or would like to, Libryo’s professional services team are on hand to provide you with guidance and support. Once completed, we can also perform a remote verification of your self-assessment, and keep all of this updated.

Linking operational risks
to legislation

(Only available for limited countries)

Our professional services team can help you:

  • Identify your risks
  • Ensure that you understand the risks and impact
  • Link these directly to your legislation
  • Keeping everything logged in one platform for future audits and risk assessments

Partner with Libryo

You might have existing clients that could benefit from Libryo's platform, services or be looking to offer your services to Libryo customers. Either way, we'd love to hear from you and see if there's partnership potential.

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