Libryo's regulatory
tracking pricing

Libryo's regulatory tracking pricing is structured to meet your specific legal and compliance needs. The pricing is an annual subscription based upon several factors: 

  • the number of different operations in which your business is engaged 
  • the legal jurisdictions in which you operate 
  • the types of business activities 
  • the range of regulations and/or laws applicable to your organisation
  • the scope of professional services you are seeking

Using the information above, we will determine the number of Libryo Streams needed for your business, the required software interface, plus any supplementary content/data and professional services necessary to solve your requirement in the most cost efficient way.

If you would like an indicative quotation, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your regulatory tracking pricing.

We solve whole solutions

You might be looking for more than your regulatory tracking and compliance, such as risk management or monitoring your entire supply chain. Libryo has a partner network that enables us to offer you whole, integrated solutions that are scalable and tailored to you. Let's chat about what you need.

Map showing Libryo offices and partners
Compliance professional looking at automated legal registers

legal registers

Libryo builds automated, custom legal registers for every legal category, in every jurisdiction. The Libryo platform has curated over 30,000+ legal registers for businesses in over 75 countries.