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Custom legal registers for every jurisdiction

Libryo is an advanced regtech solution, building custom legal registers for environmental, health & safety legislation, in every jurisdiction.

Your automated legal registers are precisely configured for each unique operation, giving you specific answers to your legal questions, whenever you need them. We call these Libryo Streams.

How Libryo works:

ERM Libryo How it Works

A customer-centric solution

Libryo's compliance management tool is driven by the customers that use it. It's intuitive and easy to navigate and scalable for single-site operations and multi-national organisations working with complex regulatory frameworks. Check out some of the features below that make Libryo a front-runner.


Customized legal registers

Libryo configures your legal requirements and standards applicable to an individual site - so users only receive their relevant regulations and obligations.


Continuous tracking for legal updates

All legislation is tracked in real-time, from the source, and users receive platform and email notifications whenever something changes.


Plain language highlights

Short, simplified summaries of the legal text make it quick to understand what the law requires of you, without being legally trained.


Intuitive search bar

Legal research is easy with Libryo’s search function. Type in your topic and the results will display related legislation and documents instantly.


Support and professional services

Navigate your legal requirements with ease, and evidence your compliance with Libryo’s specialist support and services.


Built-in translations

Read summaries of legal text in your own language with our translation function – the perfect solution for global teams.


Documentation access and storage

Store your legal documents centrally for easy access and reference. Users can also tag teammates and evidence their compliance actions.


Current risk and compliance status

Gain an overview of your current risk level and compliance status against all or some of your legal requirements and prioritise areas of non-compliance.


Easy integration

The Libryo solution has a fully documented RESTful API which allows easy integration for customers and partners with their own systems.

Libryo's platform is built from the ground up, meaning that “under the bonnet” our foundations are stable, secure and data-rich for enhanced capabilities, easy growth and better integrations.

  • There is no need to implement your own expensive compliance solutions
  • Customers and partners can integrate Libryo's rich legislative data set into their own products
  • Libryo enables you to bring different aspects of your work into one integrated platform

ISO standards, check

Certain ISO standards require implementation of a system to identify and update applicable legal requirements. With Libryo's custom legal registers, this box is checked.

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