Partner with Libryo
to offer automated
legal registers

You’ll bring clients welcome relief from regulatory complexity,
and provide a solution that integrates perfectly with
management system and GRC software. With tedious
legal research off your hands, you'll have capacity to
focus on higher-margin services. Plus, you’ll earn
commission on every product you sell.

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Libryo is the trusted partner for law firms, management system consultants and GRC software vendors.

"By integrating Libryo into their global ESHQ platform, IsoMetrix customers are able to overcome the complexity of country specific regulations to make their organizations safer, more sustainable and profitable."

Paul Marketos, Director, IsoMetrix

"The Libryo Platform is the best way for me to handle the legal side of SHEQ management systems for my clients."

Colleen Theron, Director, Ardea International
Law firms

Dramatically reduce time spent on legal research.

Management system consultants

Add Libryo to your basket of MS products.

GRC software vendors

Libryo offers easy integrations with GRC software.