What is a Libryo Stream?

Each part of your operations face obligations from a unique collection of regulatory texts. Which texts you require to answer the legal questions depend on a number of factors such as: the number of jurisdictions you operate in and the different types of activities you undertake. 

Libryo uses innovative technology to capture these laws and track them for updates. We call these Libryo Streams.

Compliance professional looking at automated legal registers
Step 1

Creating collections of law

Libryo’s legal experts source and create the collections of laws that are applicable to your operations. These are your Libryo Streams.

Step 2

Standardised, automated regulatory texts

Libryo’s innovative technology transforms these collections of laws into a globally standardised, machine readable format which can be automatically updated.

Step 3

Simply presented and summarised

Each Libryo Stream is translated into multiple languages and simplified for fast and easy interpretation. This can be provided to you through the Libryo platform or a third-party application.

Step 4
Automatic legal updates and notifications

Whenever your regulations change, you and your team will be automatically notified of the update, keeping you on the front foot.

Find out more about Libryo's custom Legal Registers.