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IsoMetrix, powered by Libryo

The IsoMetrix GRC solution, powered by Libryo provides a centralised way for customers to navigate their regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions, at any time.

IsoMetrix features and benefits

Compliance Assessment

Keep track of all your compliance obligations in one place with the compliance assessment feature. Protect your company’s reputation and prevent the risk of non-compliance by demonstrating a global commitment to lawful operations, environmental compliance, and worker health and safety.

Regulatory Tracking

Stay up to date with laws and regulations at global, regional and local levels. Save your legal and compliance teams significant time and effort with innovative regulatory tracking technology and updates.

Legal Summaries

Dig into the legal requirements for each facility by reviewing the legal summary text of the law. These highlights make it quicker to know what the regulation requires of you and there’s no need for legal counsel review or interpretation.

Risk Assessment

Know with certainty what compliance regulations apply to your facilities and link your risk assessments. The risk assessment feature determines your compliance obligations quickly and easily, on a site-by-site basis.

Data Insights

Up-to-date legal and compliance data, shown as detailed reports will provide unprecedented insight into your federal and state compliance for ongoing improvements and monitoring. Teams can also see a detailed consequences rating linked to each obligation. 

Maintaining Standards

Utilise the automated system for your compliance management or use your manual entry capabilities to track and meet voluntary commitments like ISO Standards, sustainability certifications, and company-specific pledges.

7 Steps to Perfecting Your Compliance Management

Webinar : 7 Steps to Perfecting Compliance Management across Multiple Jurisdictions

Risk and ESG experts Malcolm Gray (Libryo Co-founder) and Conrad Moller (MD of IsoMetrix Australia) discuss regulatory compliance best practices, and the role technology plays in creating efficiencies and preventing fines.

Case study : Omnia

Read how Omnia, a leading multinational, agriculture, mining and chemicals company manages 687 laws across 44 of their operational sites globally with the Libryo and IsoMetrix solution.

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How can we help you?

Libryo and IsoMetrix believe that proper management of governance, risk, and compliance is better for our planet, and the people we work and live with. This in turn leads to more profitable, sustainable and resilient businesses. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more.