Clean Chain Compliance powered by Libryo

CleanChain Compliance, powered by Libryo

The CleanChain Compliance module, powered by Libryo provides a unified solution for suppliers and brands to securely and effectively run the business. Gain visibility into your chemical use and compliance status throughout the supply chain.

For Brands

Monitoring your compliance status throughout your extended supply chain is a manual, labor-intensive process. Collecting information from your suppliers, comparing that information, ensuring it’s up-to-date and applicable to that jurisdiction can exhaust your internal resources.

The CleanChain Compliance module enables your brand to:

  • Ensure compliance with your specific MRSLs and RSLs, and the ZDHC MRSL through automatic integration with the ZDHC Gateway
  • Eliminate the cost burden of aggregating supply chain data
  • Map your supply chain to understand and reduce risks
  • Improve insight and visibility into chemical use throughout your operations and up your supply chain
  • Drive compliance objectives downstream, implementing corrective and preventive action plans and automated assessments
  • Simplify the process of managing and reporting on your supply chain chemical use with a scalable methodology

For Suppliers

It can be difficult to confidently track, standardize, analyse and report all of the data needed to support multiple requests from your customers and different stakeholder groups about the use of chemicals in your operations.

The CleanChain Compliance module enables your company to:

  • Cut back on repetitive audits and assessments by responding to all your customers’ specific chemical management requests with consistent reporting
  • Ensure compliance with your customers’ chemical conformance goals and specific MRSL and RSLs
  • Ensure compliance with the ZDHC MRSL, and find alternative conformant chemicals through CleanChain’s automatic integration with the ZDHC Gateway
  • Establish KPIs on risk mitigation and chemical management, and track progress against your internal and customers’ broader sustainability metrics
  • Improve your visibility and demonstrate responsible practices to your current and prospective customers

CleanChain Compliance features and benefits

Compliance List

Keep track of all your compliance obligations in one place with the compliance list feature. Protect your company’s reputation and prevent the risk of non-compliance by demonstrating a global commitment to lawful operations, environmental compliance, and worker health and safety.

Compliance Tasks

Understand your next steps towards compliance with the compliance tasks feature. Take confident action as a responsible individual or work with individual facilities to customise an action plan for their specific compliance obligations.

Legal Summaries

Dig into the legal requirements for each facility by reviewing the legal summary text of the law. These highlights make it quicker to know what the regulation requires of you and there’s no need for legal counsel review or interpretation.

Applicability Analysis

Know with certainty what compliance regulations apply to your facilities. The compliance module can determine your compliance obligations quickly and easily, on a site-by-site basis.

Compliance Dashboard

Monitor and maintain compliance for multiple facilities across the globe. Every individual facility’s compliance data is stored all in one place. See immediately which facilities are compliant, what compliance tasks need to be completed, and when. 

Regulatory Tracking

Stay up to date with laws and regulations at global, regional and local levels. Save your legal and compliance teams significant time and effort with innovative regulatory tracking technology and updates.

Data Insights

Up-to-date legal and compliance data, shown as detailed reports will provide unprecedented insight into your federal and state compliance for ongoing improvements and monitoring.  

Maintaining Standards

Utilise the automated system for your compliance management or use your manual entry capabilities to track and meet voluntary commitments like ISO Standards, sustainability certifications, and company-specific pledges.

Case Study for a Fashion Retail Giant

The global apparel business wanted their 200+ suppliers worldwide to understand their regulatory obligations and create action plans for compliance to ensure the brand was being responsible, transparent and compliant.

Clothes retailer

Solving whole solutions

CleanChain Compliance is one of 3 modules in their full solution. Whether you're a brand or a supplier you can also gain access to the Action module and Chemical module. Find out more here. Libryo and ADEC Innovations offer sustainable solutions that enable better governance, helping organisations operate more responsibly worldwide.

How can we help you?

CleanChain Compliance is a seamless integration that delivers cost-effective consulting, operational savings, regulatory certainty and compliance confidence. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more.