Libryo Modules

Learn more about each of the Libryo platform modules and the benefits this legal compliance software can bring to your organisation.

Libryo Requirements Module

Libryo configures custom legal registers (Libryo Streams) specific to each of your operations, locations and users. The Requirements module ensures that you and your local teams are delivered only the regulations you need.  

  • Perfect for global organisations with multi-jurisdictional operations
  • Fully scalable solution, to grow with your business
  • Users are not inundated with irrelevant or non-applicable legislation
  • Libryo is priced per Libryo Stream (site) as opposed to per user, so more of your team can benefit from the solution

Libryo Updates Module

Libryo takes care of legislation changes and notifications with its Updates module. Users can receive notifications on the platform or by email whenever applicable legislation is updated. Module benefits include:

  • Traffic light system to make managing legal updates straight-forward and shows that you are staying on top of all of the legal updates 
  • Demonstrate to an auditor that you are reading your legal updates and acting accordingly to ensure compliance
  • Avoid missing any legal obligations or deadlines local to that operation 

Libryo Drives Module

Store compliance documents for easy access and management of your compliance with this module. As it is stored centrally within Libryo’s platform, your team can organise and reference the info quickly. Module benefits include: 

  • Documents search function makes it quick to find your compliance documents using your own tags
  • Set an expiry date on a document that is stored so you'll never forget to renew a permit or license again
  • Add comments to documents, interact with team members and demonstrate your company's compliance
  • Bulk file uploading saves you time by having the ability to upload multiple documents all at once

Libryo Tasks Module

The Tasks module makes it easy for you to stay on top of your to-do list and plan ahead for your team. Module benefits include:

  • A tasks dashboard making it easy to switch between upcoming, in progress, paused or completed tasks
  • Tasks notifications to notify yourself or your teammates of upcoming or overdue tasks
  • Creation of different task types to keep your team organised and on the front foot
  • Users can follow specific tasks, receiving notifications when the status changes
Libryo Assess Module

The Assess module helps your organisation gain visibility of your compliance status and risk level across all of your operations in a single dashboard.

  • Know your risk level and compliance anywhere
  • Complete rolling self assessments anytime
  • Collaborate in teams and assign tasks
  • Attach documents and see audit trails


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