Libryo’s regtech API integration

The Libryo regtech solution has a fully documented RESTful API which allows an easy integration for customers and partners with their own systems.

All Libryo products are built from the ground up, meaning that “under the bonnet” our foundations are stable, secure and data-rich for enhanced capabilities, easy growth and better integrations.

The benefits of an
API integration

  • There is no need to implement your own expensive compliance solutions
  • Customers and partners can integrate Libryo's rich legislative data set into their own products
  • Libryo enables you to bring different aspects of your work into one integrated platform

Learn more about how Libryo works and is used by businesses by reading our frequently asked questions.

Current API integrations with Libryo's regtech:

Waste Management Solution


Governance, Risk & Compliance system


Supply Chain Management 


Unique regulatory tracking technology

Libryo uses innovative regulatory tracking technology to capture an organisation's applicable laws at a local,
national or global level - no matter the jurisdiction.

Display of global legal registers on computer desktop screen using Libryo

How does the legal tracking work?

 Our regtech platform includes scrapers and transformers, which convert regulatory text into a uniform, cross-comparable and self-describing dataset, in the proprietary LibryoXML format. Processes are overseen by Libryo's expert digital legal engineers and are constantly advancing Libryo's enrichment of the LegalXML and its record of semantic meaning captured in a knowledge graph which is linked to the LibryoXML. We compile all of this information on the Libryo Platform and further track it for legal updates. We call these your Libryo Streams.

See Libryo's features in action with a platform demonstration