Compliance professional looking at automated legal registers

A better way
to know the law

Knowing the law should be easy, but it’s not.
Law is poorly organised, it’s not searchable or
easy to read. It changes regularly and not all
of it applies to your business. If your operations
span multiple jurisdictions, this complexity
can quickly become overwhelming and put your
business at risk. With Libryo, it’s quick, accurate
and cost-effective to know your legal
obligations for every operation.

Why leading companies choose Libryo

"NMISA is never surprised by changes in legislation. As soon as the changes are proposed or made in the Acts, NMISA gets alerted and we are always kept informed. This keeps us on top as far as legal compliance is concerned."

Lerato Ntatamala, SHEQ Manager, NMISA

"Libryo’s updates save me hours in that I can go directly to the amended legislation, check the changes and read the full legislation if required."

Mike Maxted, Group HSEQ Officer, Lanxess CISA
Custom legal registers

Precisely configured to each operation, Libryo delivers only the regulations you need to know.

Cloud-based and secure

Legal registers are accessible online and to unlimited users in your organisation.

Updates and notifications

Libryo takes care of legislation updates. Notifications mean you’ll be the first to know if anything changes.

Search by topic

Now it’s easy to investigate compliance topics. Libryo delivers accurate results across multiple regulations.

Plain language

Simple summaries of the legal text makes it easier to know what the law requires.

Built-in translations

Read summaries of legal text in your own language – the perfect solution for global teams.

Document storage

Store compliance documents centrally, so they are easy to access by anyone on your team.

Activity tracker

Keep team members aligned. Upload notes from site visits for others to see.

Specialist support

Get support from the Libryo team to navigate your relevant regulations with ease.

Easy integrations

Libryo integrates seamlessly with GRC, risk assessments and audit reports.

See Libryo features in action