Your onboarding and training starts from day one

Customer onboarding and training will begin as soon as you decide to purchase the Libryo solution for your organisation. This is where your customer success journey begins.

Our dedicated Customer Success Team continually works with new and existing Libryo customers to help you make the most of your solution from day
one of your implementation.

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Why is customer onboarding important?

  • To create a seamless transition of information
    between you and Libryo.
  • Expectations are explained at the beginning, so you
    can plan ahead.
  • So Libryo can understand your objectives right from the start.
  • To ensure completion of a thorough onboarding checklist so that the Libryo service works optimally for all end users.

Dedicated support

Once you are up and running, you’ll be introduced to a
dedicated Libryo team member who will always
be on hand to help you navigate your
relevant regulations with ease.

Customers also have access to our Success Portal where
you’ll be able to find support articles, chat
with Libryo success agents and sign up for training.

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Intelligent reporting

Libryo provides you with comprehensive reports such as:

User reports - Each Libryo user receives an activity report based on their number of legal updates and acknowledgement of changes.

Customer reports - Available to help with the overall management of the platform and your team's usage. This report can be discussed during the onboarding stage and can include:

  • The scope of your Libryo solution
  • Activity and engagement metrics of all Libryo users
  • Overview of how many legal changes your company has received (these can be broken down by legal domain)
  • Overview of how your users manage their legal updates
  • Aggregated data of your Libryo solution for company management and decision makers
Getting to know Libryo: User Training

We provide online training sessions during the on-boarding process to enable every user to make the most of the platform. These training sessions cover the platform's features in depth and explore the functionality and capabilities available. Libryo also provides insights on how to use the platform during legal compliance audits.

Every month, our customer success team hosts an online training webinar for all customers. This session is great for keeping informed about new product developments & asking functionality questions.

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See the Libryo features in action