An advanced legal &
compliance management tool

Libryo's legal & compliance management tool is a multi-jurisdictional, global and scalable solution. It's intuitive and easy to navigate - so no lengthy training is needed for users. Check out some of the features you'll find in different Libryo products and modules below.

Features that make
Libryo a front runner

Customized legal registers

Libryo configures your legal requirements and standards applicable to an individual site - so users only receive their relevant regulations and obligations.

Continuous tracking for legal updates

All legislation is tracked in real-time, from the source, and users receive platform and email notifications whenever something changes.

Cloud-based and secure

Accessible anywhere, anytime for unlimited users in your organisation. System updates are handled automatically so that you always have the latest version.

Plain language highlights

Short, simplified summaries of the legal text make it quick to understand what the law requires of you, without being legally trained.

Intuitive search bar

Legal research is easy with Libryo’s search function. Type in your topic and the results will display related legislation and documents instantly.

Support and professional services

Navigate your legal requirements with ease, and evidence your compliance with Libryo’s specialist support and services.

Built-in translations

Read summaries of legal text in your own language with our translation function – the perfect solution for global teams.

Documentation access and storage

Store your legal documents centrally for easy access and reference. Users can also tag teammates and evidence their compliance actions.

Current risk and compliance status

Gain an overview of your current risk level and compliance status against all or some of your legal requirements and prioritise areas of non-compliance.

Full or hybrid integrations

Libryo’s restless API can integrate seamlessly with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) systems, management systems, risk assessments and audit reports to deliver unified solutions for customers.

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