End legal production waste

If you’re not thinking about the end of legal production waste, you are almost certainly wasting a lot of valuable resources while providing legal services to your clients.  Whether you’re a lawyer, a compliance manager or in house-counsel, Libryo has solutions and processes that can help you ruthlessly eliminate this inefficiency.

What are the 8 lean wastes of legal production?

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We translated the lessons learned from lean manufacturing into the legal industry:

  • Defects - Doing something different to what the client required
  • Overproduction - Doing more than what the client required
  • Waiting - Wasted time between each step in production workflow
  • Over-processing - Unnecessary work done on any step of the workflow
  • Non-used talent - People who could assist in getting the work done, sitting idle
  • Stock - Non-billable hours, spare billable capacity, lost knowledge or spare service capacity
  • Transport - Time lost between people, functions or lost knowledge in the transportation of information
  • Motion - Steps in the workflow that are not necessary or time lags due to poor coordination

Learn more about our ruthless elimination of inefficiency in this recent talk covering how we:

  1. Transformed unstructured legal content to legal data in a global, uniform, cross-comparable, self-describing, machine readable format for all statutory legal requirements in 70 countries and 11 languages
  2. Doubled the number of legal updates delivered through the Libryo Platform in 2x the number of countries and also leveraged legal micro-jobbers
  3. Created hyper-local, tailored legal registers which before took the team 1 month to complete and now takes just seconds.

Join a virtuous circle of production efficiency

Competition is a thing of the past. If providers of legal data and legal services focus their teams on delivering the very best of what they do, in the most efficient way, then they could partner with other providers to form purpose-led partnerships that could end production waste for themselves and their clients.

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Libryo has a variety of modules built to create efficiencies and end legal production waste.