Legal technology for banks

Legal technology that your organisation can bank on

Libryo’s legal technology for banks enables an automated way to monitor global, regional and local regulations in real-time and ensure compliance at all times. 

The financial sector is highly regulated, and rightly so. However, this does make it harder for your in-house legal professionals or law firm to track your thousands of regulations for legal updates.

Libryo filters your law

For organisations that operate across multiple countries and jurisdictions, it’s extremely difficult and very time consuming to know your up-to-date legal answers across all of your operations. Libryo's legal technology offers banks an efficient and accurate way to know your legal requirements at the click of a button. 

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Keeping a global bank in in the know

A global bank wanted a cost-effective and reliable solution to keep 11 of their sites up to date with their applicable law and legal constraints - preventing any financial or reputational risk to the business. Read the full case study to see how Libryo's legaltech helped.

Partnering with top law firms

We work with top global law firms to deliver scalable and quick solutions tailored to your needs.

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