In-house lawyers can get up to date answers globally through Libryo Answers

Libryo Answers will enable the ruthless elimination of inefficiency. We are building a global regulatory tracking and collaboration tool designed for in-house lawyers to know the answers to legal questions faced worldwide.

Instant legal answers for anywhere

Users can seek legal answers for multiple jurisdictions at the same time with Libryo’s advanced platform.

  • Simply set your questions
  • Select which territories and categories of law you need answers for
  • And, assign a legal expert to provide the answers.

Assign lawyers in your team, panel lawyers that you already work with or choose from our directory of expert lawyers to advise you. Their answers and opinions will be created, saved and continually updated all within Libryo’s platform.

Libryo Answers

Up-to-date answers that are easy to track

Libryo’s global regulatory tracking technology will notify you and your assigned lawyer of any updates made to the regulation, as well as anything linked to their answers, so that they can update them if needed.

Libryo Answers ensures that you and your assigned lawyers are all working on the same platform and collaborating as efficiently as possible. The “where is that email?” and “is this opinion still good?” problems are a thing of the past.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the number of jurisdictions your company operates in. Each jurisdiction that you seek a legal answer for will require its own unique regulatory stream and tracking capabilities. Users pay an annual subscription, which can be scaled up or down to meet your current needs.

Join our legal expert directory

Are you a lawyer? Join our directory to expand your practice and service to leading multi-national organisations looking for answers to their legal questions in your jurisdiction and area of expertise. Users can search by your experience, view your profile and assign you the perfect jobs.

Libryo’s regulatory platform also keeps you updated whenever the law changes or related regulations might be of concern. You’ll receive email notifications directly to your inbox alerting you of any relevant changes. This reduces the need for legal research, enabling you to focus on providing the best legal answers for your client.

Join our legal content store

Are you a publisher or provider of global or jurisdiction-specific legal content (including regulation or case law or other authorities)? Make your legal content available through Libryo Answers to global companies and lawyers worldwide.

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