SaaS for Regulatory Law

In many jurisdictions around the world, regulation is increasing and constantly changing. This ever-growing regulatory complexity leads to significant risk and compliance costs for companies.

We built the Libryo Platform to overcome regulatory complexity. Libryo’s are used by its customers and partners as part of ISO certified management systems, and for compliance with all applicable regulation.

At Libryo our fundamental purpose is to empower organisations globally, to know, for sure, what they are required to do by law and regulation. We have developed cutting edge technology to answer the question:

“What does the law require me to do here and now?”

Context is King

In order to overcome regulatory complexity, one needs to narrow down all the law out there, to the specific law that applies to you.

“Context” means the sum of all an organisation’s internal and external factors which determine the precise regulatory obligations it faces in that context. So, “Context” is vital in allowing you to know the exact law in any situation.

Libryo was founded in order to empower compliance professionals and lawyers alike to answer the question immediately and accurately in an automated, efficient and cost effective manner.

What sets us apart is that we have built the Libryo Platform to overcome regulatory complexity through context specific “Libryos”.

environmental legal registers

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