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"Libryo Turks has helped me understand how the law affects ordinary people. At the same time, it is exciting to be a part of a company that is making the lives of people and organisations easier in a creative and disruptive way!"

Sipho Mudau, IP lawyer, United Kingdom

"I enjoy working with Libryo Turks because the work works for me - it is according to my schedule, aligned with my legal studies, offers me an opportunity to learn about interesting (and random) parts of the law, and hones the incredibly important skill of reading legislation and translating the complex drafting into an easy-to-understand explanation for the everyday person. Libryo has an effective, responsive support system so working remotely does not mean that you're completely on your own."

Danielle Dallas, Fourth year LLB, University of Cape Town

Join the Libryo Turks global team

Are you a bright law student looking to develop skills for your future career? Are you legally trained with extra capacity? More importantly, do you have a knack for quickly grasping new concepts and applying your knowledge in different contexts?
If yes, we’d love to hear from you.

Why become a Libryo Turk?


Choose your hours and location


Earn a flexible income for tasks completed


Build skills and get legal experience


Join our global team of legal content creators


Get an intro to the fast growing legal tech scene

How it works

Access the Libryo Turks platform wherever you are and whenever it suits. Apply for tasks you’re interested in. You’ll get training before you start, and feedback along the way, making sure you have everything you need to do your best work. The more tasks you complete, the more you’ll earn.

Skills you can develop


What is needed to become a Libryo Turk?

  • Transcript with scores of > 65%
  • Proof of permission to work
  • 2nd year up, tertiary enrollment in law
  • Eagerness to learn new skills
  • Demonstrated written ability in English
  • Attention to detail and accuracy


"Flexicurity sums up my experiences with Libryo over the past few years. The work is flexible in terms of working hours, time, location, nature of work, the language you execute the work, yet secure enough to provide decent work over a period of time! When technology intersects with the law, it creates better lawyers"

Godknows Mudimu, Researcher, South Africa

"I have loved my experience with Libryo Turks. I've been introduced to different legislations and sectors I wasn’t previously aware of and it's made me appreciate the legal systems of other countries. I've also grown in my writing and analytical skills. Whenever I've had a job interview, people are fascinated by the role, which has made me stand out from other candidates and has become a great conversation starter. I am very grateful for the experience that Libryo Turks and the team have provided me."

Maab Saifeldin, Paralegal, United Kingdom

Application process


Step 1: Complete the form and a quick written assessment


Step 2: Submit documents and sign the agreement


Step 3: Get started with our free online course


Step 4: Access the online platform and apply for tasks


The Libryo Turks programme is remote working at its best, offering law students a truly flexible way to earn while studying. Libryo requires no commitment or minimum hours per month. You’re free to choose tasks that fit in with your schedule.

You’ll build a variety of skills completing tasks on the platform, from legal research to legal writing. You can even try your hand at legal data capture. Access to legal editing tasks is by invitation, and is dependent on your scores for legal writing.

Task values vary according to task duration, complexity and urgency. You can preview all tasks and instructions before applying. The more tasks you complete, the more you’ll earn. Access to a large pool of tasks is dependent on you achieving high quality scores.

Libryo pays out monthly for tasks completed. Libryo integrates with Transferwise to securely pay people across multiple countries and in multiple currencies.

In most cases, Libryo relates to you as an independent contractor, with the expectation that you'll sort out your own tax obligations in your country of current residence.

Libryo supports payments to Transferwise-enabled countries. Please check that Transferwise supports payment to your country of current residence before applying to be a Libryo Turk.

Yes, Libryo provides references for law students or lawyers who have completed tasks on the platform.  Once accepted to the programme, you’re welcome to add Libryo Turks to your experience list on LinkedIn.

Send an email to libryoturks@libryo.com and we'll be in touch as soon as we can.