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Unpacking legal compliance for Manufacturing companies

Libryo’s regulation tracking software enables manufacturing companies to navigate their relevant Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) legal requirements and compliance status, anywhere in the world. 

Governments are setting higher measures than ever in the Manufacturing industry as public health, environmental sustainability and societal concerns increase.  This is creating a mammoth task for legal, risk and compliance professionals to keep informed and compliant with their latest applicable law. Libryo defines your relevant legal requirements and tracks these regulations for updates in a central platform.

Know your law and unify the team

Different business activities at Manufacturing operations impact what legal requirements are applicable to you, as well as jurisdiction and local law - a complicated task for any size team.

Now you can know your EHS law across your entire business at a site-specific and country level. Libryo will compile and standardise your legal requirements specific to your business activities, industry and jurisdiction. All you need to do is complete a quick set of questions, and we'll do the rest.

"I find your program useful, easy to use and your team has always been receptive to explaining when it was not clear to me, for example during audits."

Roberta Ceriani, SNA Safety Coordinator, Unilever

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Show your compliance and protect the brand

The platform shows local teams and senior management an overview of your compliance status and identifies areas of higher risk. This enables you to take preventative action fast. 

Libryo also makes it easy for manufacturing companies to evidence its compliance and regulation tracking. Users can upload related documents, assign tasks, set reminders and see complete audit trails whenever a self-assessment item is changed.

A fully stacked solution

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Download the EHS legal requirements checklist

Gauge your legal compliance status with this Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) checklist, aligned with ISO 14001.


Webinar: Managing Your Compliance

Discover how the Libryo Platform can help you know, manage and assure your compliance within an organisation.

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Looking for something more?

You might be looking for more than the regulatory tracking and compliance, and we have the perfect solution. Libryo has a partner network that enables us to offer you larger solutions that are scalable, quick and tailored to your needs.


Start your legal liberation today with a platform demonstration.