Regulation tracking for global data centers

Libryo's regulation tracking solution makes it easy for data centers to search for legal requirements and know their compliance status throughout the business. Understanding your Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) legal requirements can be complex and confusing. Libryo offers legal, risk and compliance professionals a unified, simple way to search for site-specific law and ensure compliance.

Knowing your legal requirements

Many data centers operate across multiple countries and jurisdictions. This makes it really difficult and very time consuming to know and track your regulations and compliance across all of your sites.

Libryo offers a harmonised, efficient and accurate way to ensure always up-to-date compliance at the click of a button.

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ISO standards alignment

Certain ISO standards require implementation of a system to identify and update applicable legal requirements.

With Libryo, this box is always checked.

Download the EHS legal requirements checklist

Gauge your legal compliance status with this Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) checklist, aligned with ISO 14001.

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Looking for something more?

You might be looking for more than the regulatory tracking and compliance, and we have the perfect solution. Libryo has a partner network that enables us to offer you larger solutions that are scalable, quick and tailored to your needs.


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