COVID-19 Resources

Find more COVID-19 related resources from Libryo's partner network to help you navigate your legal obligations.

Dentons Hub

Dentons COVID-19 (Coronavirus) hub

Dentons COVID-19 Hub is creating new content to support organisations, take advantage of:

  • A global taskforce who will respond to the COVID-19 queries your organisation has
  • A COVID-19 mailing list – so you can receive insights direct to your inbox
  • A global tracker for employers regarding your COVID-19 responsibilities
  • A free remote working readiness consultation
  • A list of insights relating to country specific COVID-19 regulation 
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Coronavirus Worldometer

This webpage contains information on statistics surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

Check the reported Coronavirus cases and deaths by country, territory, or conveyance - updated every day.

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IsoMetrix COVID-19 Hub

The IsoMetrix COVID-19 hub offers some helpful blogs, video case studies around business continuity during COVID-19 and a Business continuity planning checklist for COVID-19.

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Stanford Law School's COVID-19 Memo Database

The COVID-19 Memo Database aggregates 4,199 memoranda in a searchable format designed to help users quickly identify relevant information.

The site provides two resources:

Libryo Blog – Work in the time of Coronavirus

Work in the time of Coronavirus - Learnings from 4 years being remote

Libryo CEO, Peter Flynn, shares some tips for other businesses as a remote-first working organisation. In this blog he explains what works practically and what works psychologically.

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