Legaltech careers at Libryo

Legaltech careers at Libryo mean you will join a team of front runners, freedom bringers, solution finders and sky high thinkers.

Libryo sees a world where anyone can be on the front foot in knowing what both regulation and best practice require of them, and others, to achieve environmental, social and financial sustainability.

Both the grand mission and the day to day stuff matter. It’s not just what we are doing, it's the way we are doing it that’s important and meaningful.

Stand Up 2020 Libryo Team

Do you have what it takes?

At Libryo, we work hard to cultivate and protect our foundational principles. It’s what makes us, us.
You must be a dude (gender neutral)

Attitudes and behaviours that add and don’t subtract, multiply and don’t divide are vital. We recognise and play to each others’ strengths.

Authenticity and transparency

Be yourself. We want real and honest people that can be trusted. We speak up and look to build bridges and not walls. We recognise potential and call out greatness in one another.

We lead
by example

Be first off the mark and driven by passion. We want you to break new ground; and choose the course. Compete hard and be brave.

I’m making a “margin call”

This is about succeeding at life, family and community too. It’s about rest that enables sustained peak performance.

We are a household

This journey is one we’re on together. We both take the risk and share the rewards together.

We are adults

No childish attitudes, no childish limitations. We take responsibility and can trust each other to do so. 

So, what's in it for you?

  • Remote first - Flexible working is in our blood. Whether you’re close to an office or working remotely from China, as long as you get the work done, we really don’t mind how.
  • Unlimited leave - We will allocate you annual leave as any company does,  but if you ever feel like you need an extra few days to reset your mind we encourage you to take the time off. A happy mind is a productive mind.
  • Feel inspired and learn from the best - You’ll be working alongside an incredible team of experts and some of the brightest minds - embrace it! Learn from others and use this talent to propel yourself upwards.
  • Challenge yourself everyday - Working at Libryo is not for the faint hearted. Some days it’ll be tough as we’re breaking new ground. However, the reward from pushing through your comfort zone, and finally cracking the code feels awesome.
  • Control your own future - It’s up to you to create your own legaltech careers path at Libryo, as long as you have the passion, skills and drive to get there, we’re behind you all the way!
Have fun


Make money


Do good


At Libryo, we're always on the lookout for great people to join us.