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Innovative regulatory tracking for apparel brands & supply chains

Libryo's unique regulatory tracking technology can help apparel brands and suppliers ensure their legal compliance is squeaky clean. For socially and ethically responsible brands, it’s key to ensure that your supply chains process from manufacturing the clothing, through to distribution and selling on shelves is compliant.

Filtering your legal requirements

Libryo’s regulatory tracking software makes it easy for apparel brands and suppliers to know their relevant legal requirements and compliance status, right across the supply chain. Most logistics and operations will take place across various countries and jurisdictions. This makes it very difficult and time consuming to know your applicable law and ensure compliance across all of your facilities.

Libryo's unique regtech offers an efficient and accurate way to ensure up-to-date compliance. Learn more in our brochure.

Preview of Libryo Apparel Supply Chain brochure
Clothes retailer

Case Study for a Fashion Retail Giant

The global apparel business wanted their 200+ suppliers worldwide to understand their regulatory obligations and create action plans for compliance to ensure the brand was being responsible, transparent and compliant.

We solve whole solutions

You might be looking for more than your regulatory tracking and compliance, such as risk management or monitoring your chemical information. Libryo has a partner network that enables us to offer you whole, integrated solutions that are scalable and tailored to you.

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