Access the power of 24-7, global, legal collaboration

Libryo Collaborate is your simple, flexible, cost-effective and transparent solution to high-volume, quality legal work. 

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Collaboration software meets legal collaborators

Libryo Collaborate is the first of its kind solution to outsourced legal resourcing that makes quality, flexible and cost-effective legal work possible at scale. This novel approach combines collaboration software, micro-jobbing and e-learning with the enthusiasm and skill of law students. It has to date been used by Libryo to build a global regulatory database, which is trusted by Libryo’s customer base of global companies. For the first time, Libryo Collaborate is now available to managed legal services companies, law firms and in-house teams.

Libryo Collaborate can help with any legal task that involves contract review, due diligence, legal writing and drafting, legal editing, legal research, legal analysis, legal data processing and more.


Outsource high volume, repetitive tasks, so your lawyers can focus on more complex matters.


Tap an on-demand, global legal workforce to produce legal work quickly and cost-effectively.


Optimally manage the peaks and troughs of your workloads.


Save time on recruitment, training, performance management and payroll.


Configure workflows as required and place your own lawyers at the final stages for sign off.


All briefs are performed and peer-reviewed by multiple lawyers and paralegals.

How Libryo Collaborate works

1. Tell us what you need help with

Perhaps you need high volume contract reviews or legal research to form legal opinions. Whatever it is, we’ll configure a Libryo Collaborate workflow that matches your internal processes and turnaround times, whether this be 1. Draft, 2. Review, 3. Approve, or something much more complex than that.

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2. Plug in the Libryo Collaborate Network

For every task you decide, micro-jobs are published on the Libryo Collaborate platform and applied for by Libryo Collaborators. Collaborators are typically final year or masters law students from top tier universities, who complete tasks on the platform, in exchange for a flexible income. 

3. Match suitable Collaborators

Based on the ratings of each Collaborator, tasks are made available to Collaborators who fit the bill. The legal work produced is not dependent on any single lawyer or paralegal, but rather is performed and perfected along the Libryo Collaborate virtual production line by a number of collaborators in configurations you determine.

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4. Peer review for quality

Once complete, each task is peer reviewed and rated by the next collaborator in the collaboration workflow. Lawyers from your company can be placed in the final stages of the workflow for sign off or spot check.

5. Repeat at scale

Once a workflow is configured, it’s easy to repeat at any scale you require, making large volume, repetitive work simple and effective.

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6. Activate as needed

When the work is completed, you can simply turn Libryo Collaborate off, and let us know when you need help again.

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