Get 3 months of Libryo free

Get 3 months free when you sign up for your first year's subscription.

✔ Customised EHS legal register for one or multiple sites

✔  Live tracking for legal updates applicable to you

✔  Upload, store and tag related documents

✔  Assign, follow and receive tasks relating to compliance

✔  Show your compliance status and risk level at each site

✔  One easy-to-use, elegant solution

Libryo's pricing is based upon several factors:

  • The number of sites you operate at
  • Your types of business activities
  • The regulations and/or laws applicable to your business

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer will deduct 25% off the first year’s annual subscription invoice. You will know what your year 2 subscription will be based on the "pre-discount" value.
  • This discount is exclusive to UK businesses. If you wish to buy Libryo for any countries outside of the UK, we will scope the entire project and try our best to honour the discount across multiple jurisdictions. *Subject to production capacity
  • Once we have the thumbs up from you, Libryo will scope out the full project deliveries and send across an invoice with the applicable discount applied.
  • The discount must be redeemed by September 30th 2021. This means we must receive your signed Purchase Order by September 30th 2021. 
  • One discount is valid per organisation. If you operate independently under a larger business, we will consider multiple discounts.

*Subject to production capacity: Once the team has your full scope of needs, we will ensure that it can be delivered in a timely manner. Creating the world's regulatory database takes time, so while Libryo can provide organisations with their UK EHS regulation tracking, we do not have other legal categories available to buy and track just yet in the UK. This could be on the product roadmap - so worth asking, but we may need to treat this as a separate purchase at a later date.